Endorsing Partners

Catalyse Consulting, the corporate training division of AWARE, inspires diverse and inclusive workplaces for people to maximise their full potential, through customised workshops and private consultation.
Catalyse is the corporate advisory, consulting and training arm of AWARE. We partner with companies to build inclusive and diverse workplaces where people want to come to work, because it is a place where they can express their best selves, and truly maximise their potential.

AWARE is the leading women’s rights and gender equality group in Singapore.
AWARE believes in the rights of women and men to make informed and responsible choices about their lives and to have equal opportunities in education, marriage and employment, and in the right of women to control their own bodies, particularly with regard to sexual and reproductive rights.
AWARE is dedicated to removing gender-based barriers.
These barriers apply to both women and men, but because of the way human society has evolved, it is women who are more likely to come up against these barriers. These barriers, whether structural, attitudinal, or self-imposed, prevent individuals in Singapore from developing their potential to the fullest and realising their personal visions and hopes.
AWARE works to identify and eliminate these barriers through research and advocacy, education and training and support services.
Since its formation in 1985, AWARE has carried out research into numerous issues affecting women, including workplace sexual harassment, poverty of older women and Singapore’s compliance with UN anti-gender discrimination standards.
AWARE provides a feminist perspective in the national dialogue. It has effectively advocated against laws, public policies and mindsets that discriminate against women. AWARE has contributed towards the strengthening of laws dealing with domestic violence.

Knowledge Partners

Blue Chip Minds specialises in developing optimal performance mindsets and, what we like to call, better humans. We believe that everyone has the capacity to surprise themselves with what they are capable of bringing forth at work and in life.  We work with organisations to help instil a culture of lifelong learning, increase the cognitive adaptability, complex problem solving and social skills of leaders and their teams. We provide unique and cutting edge ways to deliver ongoing targeted training opportunities and well-being initiatives that truly allow your people to lead better and confidently navigate complexity and uncertainty. 
We have had the privilege to work with clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, UK, USA, UAE, New Zealand, and Australia. Our clients include global organisations, not for profits and start ups such as: Standard Chartered, The Marriott, The Flow Genome Project, BMW, Skycity Entertainment Group, ANZ Bank, Linfox, Bank Australia, The University of Melbourne, Australian Institute of International Affairs, Womens Housing Inc, CUA, Bendigo Bank, Ivanhoe Grammar and Stile. 
Blue Chip Minds has grown to include an exclusive panel of expert educators who are experienced and passionate advocates in the areas of: 
• The Future of Leadership 
• Peak Performance 
• Flow Science 
• Mindset & Self Awareness 
• Well-being & Mental Health 
• Solving Wicked Problems 
• Enriched Relationships 

Charismatic Leadership helps managers, business owners and organisations bring out their inner S.H.I.N.E.™ so that they can make the most of who they are (both online and in real life), get the best out of their teams and realise the remarkable results they are striving for. 
We can help you in developing: 
  • Leadership 
  • Charisma and Executive Presence 
  • Influence and Persuasion 
  • High-Impact Business Presentation and Interview Skills 
  • Confidence Building and Assertiveness 
  • Social Media Strategy and Thought Leadership 
Charismatic Leadership gives you the winning edge you need to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.