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The Lizzie Wagner Group (LWG) was established 1984. LWG has and continues to mentor and train thousands of groups and individuals, global corporations, C-Suite through to front line, Federal Government Departments, Universities, health and medical service providers, hospitality industries, diplomats, politicians, sporting stars, models, actors and celebrities. LWG delivers workshops, keynotes, seminars, one-on-one coaching across Asia, New Zealand, Australia, UAE and Europe. 
Coaching people from all walks of life, including Indigenous Empowerment programs and Disability Inclusion and life skill training. LWG also developed, managed and represented thousands of talent globally, for over 3 decades, in conjunction with operating an award winning international events and promotions management company. 
Today, internationally acclaimed for collaborative and inclusive Leadership development and training, the programs and deliveries are designed around the organisational or individual desired outcomes, business or professional/personal diagnostics, delivered with authenticity, care and grace. LWG also provides a separate image and branding service, organisational or individual. To complement the trainings and coaching, on-line or in person, LWG recently developed The Lizzie Wagner Group Designer Skincare range, Mindfulness –A Guided Meditation audio and The Lizzie Wagner Group book on modern day “Business and Social Etiquette”.  

Blue Chip Minds specialises in developing optimal performance mindsets and, what we like to call, better humans. We believe that everyone has the capacity to surprise themselves with what they are capable of bringing forth at work and in life.  We work with organisations to help instil a culture of lifelong learning, increase the cognitive adaptability, complex problem solving and social skills of leaders and their teams. We provide unique and cutting edge ways to deliver ongoing targeted training opportunities and well-being initiatives that truly allow your people to lead better and confidently navigate complexity and uncertainty. 
We have had the privilege to work with clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, UK, USA, UAE, New Zealand, and Australia. Our clients include global organisations, not for profits and start ups such as: Standard Chartered, The Marriott, The Flow Genome Project, BMW, Skycity Entertainment Group, ANZ Bank, Linfox, Bank Australia, The University of Melbourne, Australian Institute of International Affairs, Womens Housing Inc, CUA, Bendigo Bank, Ivanhoe Grammar and Stile. 
Blue Chip Minds has grown to include an exclusive panel of expert educators who are experienced and passionate advocates in the areas of: 
• The Future of Leadership 
• Peak Performance 
• Flow Science 
• Mindset & Self Awareness 
• Well-being & Mental Health 
• Solving Wicked Problems 
• Enriched Relationships 

Business has evolved: the types of jobs, how we work together and the skills we need to succeed are constantly changing. 
At SCM we are passionate about making a difference in people’s careers and creating better leaders, so your business has the people and culture it needs to evolve and grow.  
Whether you are facing challenges or creating opportunities, we can give individuals and business the cutting edge, armed with agility and resilience to survive, strive and succeed. 
We help you move forward with confidence and composure: 
  • Own your career - making sound career decisions 
  • Empower your staff  
  • Develop collaborative leadership skills to motivate and inspire 
  • Navigate change 
  • Retirement - Transition to the life you want to lead 

Charismatic Leadership helps managers, business owners and organisations bring out their inner S.H.I.N.E.™ so that they can make the most of who they are (both online and in real life), get the best out of their teams and realise the remarkable results they are striving for. 
We can help you in developing: 
  • Leadership 
  • Charisma and Executive Presence 
  • Influence and Persuasion 
  • High-Impact Business Presentation and Interview Skills 
  • Confidence Building and Assertiveness 
  • Social Media Strategy and Thought Leadership 
Charismatic Leadership gives you the winning edge you need to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. 

Media Partner

ASIFMA is an independent, regional trade association with over 125 member firms comprising a diverse range of leading financial institutions from both the buy and sell side, including banks, asset managers, law firms and market infrastructure service providers.  Together, we harness the shared interests of the financial industry to promote the development of liquid, deep and broad capital markets in Asia.  ASIFMA advocates stable, innovative and competitive Asian capital markets that are necessary to support the region’s economic growth.  We drive consensus, advocate solutions and effect change around key issues through the collective strength and clarity of one industry voice.  Our many initiatives include consultations with regulators and exchanges, development of uniform industry standards, advocacy for enhanced markets through policy papers, and lowering the cost of doing business in the region.   Through the GFMA alliance with SIFMA in the United States and AFME in Europe, ASIFMA also provides insights on global best practices and standards to benefit the region. 

The Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) is the National Coordinating body of women’s
organisations in Singapore. We have more than 50 Member Organisations representing over 500,000
women in Singapore.
Incorporated in March 1980, the SCWO, having been founded by women, seeks to unite the various women's
organisations, clubs, committees, groups and women leaders together, working in accordance with its various
aims and objectives.
The SCWO seeks to co-ordinate these associations into a national movement and to act on their behalf
in matters for which is authorised by its members.
It seeks to promote the ideals of `Equal Space, Equal Voice and Equal Worth’ for women in
The SCWO offer a range of services mostly for women in need. They are the Star Shelter, the Maintenance
Support Central and Civil and Muslim Law Legal Clinics.
The SCWO has various initiatives for women – to provide a platform for networking, education
and inspiration through the Women’s Register (WR) and bring awareness to the benefits of
gender-balanced business through BoardAgender. It also celebrates the achievements of women
through the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame.

AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research) is Singapore’s leading women’s rights and gender-equality advocacy group. AWARE identifies and works to eliminate gender-based barriers through research, advocacy, education, training and support services. AWARE's focus areas in 2020 include supporting sexual violence survivors, enabling women to balance work and caregiving, and combatting workplace discrimination and harassment. 

Official News Release Distribution Partner

PR Newswire, a Cision Ltd. company, is a leading global provider of news distribution and earned media software and services which powers the stories of organizations around the world. PR Newswire serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.

Endorsing Partner

Women in Nuclear Australia - Promoting diversity in nuclear through networking, advocating for women in nuclear, and informing the nuclear debate.
Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global is a not for profit organisation of individuals working professionally in nuclear that aims to:
  • Support and encourage women working in areas associated with nuclear and radiological applications
  • Promote the understanding and public awareness of the benefits of nuclear and radiological applications, especially amongst women and young people
  • Support networking and the sharing of information between nuclear professionals worldwide
WiN Australia Inc. is the Australian chapter of WiN Global. Membership of WiN Australia includes individuals working professionally in many areas including research, mining, nuclear operations, security, medicine and health care, waste management, regulatory authorities, nuclear and radiation safety, industry, policy and communications.
Members have a common commitment to provide information and communicate with the public.
WiN Australia holds professional development and social events for the benefit of members. Membership is free and people of all genders are very welcome to join.
For more information, email WiN Australia at
Twitter: @WiN_Australia
Facebook: Women in Nuclear Australian Chapter