• Lead yourself first to make better decisions, faster 
  • Engage the “rally effect” to foster alignment & collaboration around shared purpose 
  • Expand behavioral agility to adapt to new ways of working across remote teams & geographies 
  • Support employee wellbeing and resilience – individual & organizational


  • Shifting your mindset from today to tomorrow
  • Using uncertainty as an opportunity for reinvention
  • Guiding your teams on choices and outcomes



In this high impact interactive session learn how organisations and leaders can adapt in today’s disruptive business climate, learning to focus on the transition and embrace the journey. This session will include networking games via break out chatrooms.



  • Improve your team’s time management skills to increase efficiency and productivity  
  • Learn how to select and prioritise the tasks that will add the most value 
  • Maximize the minutes in your working day whilst setting realistic and achievable goals 



  • Becoming a leader of leaders: encouraging others to maximise their potential 
  • How to overcome barriers both on the road to leadership and after you’ve arrived 
  • Being a courageous and strategic leader 
  • Demonstrate accountability and demand it in others 




Round Table I: Unleash Your Global Potential: Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in the Workplace  
Purpose: Gain an understanding of CQ, much sort-after skill professionals, and leaders will need to achieve impactful personal and organisational successes in a global world. 
Outcomes: Participants will gain an insight into the different aspects of CQ, including tips and best practices of top organizations as they build their 21st-century workforce.
Keng Keng Tan, Founder, Managing Director, TransCultural Group 
Round Table II: Driving Diversity on Boards   
Purpose: Gain insight into the roles of board members, and understand what it takes to fill the board's specific needs. 
Outcome: Identify how to approach the board selection strategically and raise your profile to find your best match 
Preeti Dubey, Founder and Director, Strive High 
Round Table III: Going for Gold at Every Level  
Purpose: Sharing how Pain and Perseverance are 2 indispensable ingredients towards achieving the “gold”.  
Outcomes: To recognise and be challenged by your pain. And to develop the practice of perseverance to win the prize. 
Adelene Wee, Director Of Partnerships and Communications, HCSA, Former Singaporean Bowling Champion 
Round Table IV: Perform With Confidence in a High Pressure Environment 
Purpose : To identify the scenarios commonly faced by women which can be termed as a “High Pressure Environment”
Outcome : To discuss and share tactics on how to not only overcome obstacles faced in such high pressure environment scenarios identified in the above discussion, but more importantly, to come out a WINNER!
Diana The, Nanyang Business School Alumni Mentor, Former Chief Counsel APAC, Former Director of Business Operations and Strategy, AON 



Hear from industry leaders across Asia Pacific on how to effectively lead your team through the COVID-19 disruption. In this session our expert leaders will share best practice for outlining the most crucial priorities for the organisation; developing and assisting your crisis management team, and realising the opportunity to build team cohesion and to innovate in the face of adversity






This session will focus on the importance of diversity, how companies can increase their focus on D&I and addressing whose role it is within the organisation to drive these initiatives 


(Room splits into two:) 
  • Are diversity quotas necessary for achieving equality? 
  • Assessing if quotas are essential for overcoming bias in recruitment processes  
  • Successfully collecting and analysing relevant data from hiring processes 
  • Addressing potential stigma and possible reduced employee engagement  


  • Driving synergy of technology with human efforts to optimize accuracy productivity and profitability 
  • Overcoming challenges associated with the integration of technology with human efforts  
  • Future of roles in the workplace and how to proactively reskill employees now 




  • Assessing benefits and challenges of remote working during COVID-19
  • Shifting organisational behaviour and thinking around flexible working 
  • Flexi-work initiatives to drive employee engagement, retention and productivity  


  • Understand what motivates men to become allies and strategies for identifying and increasing males advocates in the workplace  
  • Giving male colleagues a specific and meaningful role in gender diversity efforts  
  • Learn how to prove, with tangible results, that the ‘All hands-on desk’ approach will enable gender equality faster and drives a more positive, productive and profitable workplace 



  • Developing your leadership skills to the fullest  
  • Strategies to thrive in male dominated industries and assist other women through the ranks  
  • Assessing the benefits of male advocacy and sponsorship programs   






Charismatic Leadership 

Karolina Gwinner 
Leadership Trainer, Speaker and Coach 
Charismatic Leadership 
Karolina is a high-energy and performance-driven leadership expert. She empowers leaders to overcome their fears and uncertainty, maximise performance and become more influential so that they can unleash the best in themselves and their teams. Karolina has been collaborating with Women In Leadership Conference since 2016. Last year she was nominated as the Knowledge Partner of Women Leaders Institute. She is also a Speaker Training Lead for KeyNote Women Speakers. 

Step Into Your Power: Leading And Thriving In Tough Times 

The world as we know it has changed. The current reality is so different from what we are used to. It’s been unsettling, challenging and hard to predict, as no one knows what the ultimate impact of this pandemic will be, or how long it will affect our lives. 
Does it mean we should put our life on hold and wait for better times? Or is there something we as leaders can do to thrive in this new challenging reality?  
Interestingly, when you observe the best leaders, you will realise that they perceive tough times as an opportunity to step up and put their leadership skills to test. By focusing on what they can change and taking action on their ideas, they become wiser, embrace change faster, and shape the new reality for themselves and everyone around them. Sounds compelling? 
This virtual programme is here to get you started on this path. It will provide you with practical tools and strategies to sharpen your ability to lead in times of challenge and uncertainty. It will help you reduce stress, increase your focus and energy levels. Ultimately, you will feel empowered to take value-driven action and inspire your team to follow you in reinventing the future.  
Key Learning Objectives 
  • Improve the way you respond to challenges and setbacks 
  • Become aware of how your thoughts and feelings affect your results 
  • Empower yourself to step up as a leader and make a bigger impact 
  • Maximize your focus and performance especially under pressure 
  • Increase your ability to lead your team in tough times with care and compassion 

Workshop Programme 

8:45 Virtual Coffee and Welcome 
Session 1: 9:00 – 10:15 
SELF – Leadership starts with you 
  • Uncovering the hidden power of your stories 
  • Reacting versus responding to challenges and setbacks  
  • Recognising your panic mode and triggers  
10:15 Morning Break 
Session 2: 10:30 – 12:00 
HERO – Unleash your potential to lead in tough times 
  • Turning chaos into clarity 
  • Liberating yourself from following your inner critic 
  • Strategies to empower yourself before empowering others  
12:00 Lunch Break 
Session 3: 1:00 – 2:15 
PERFORMANCE – Thriving on challenge 
  • Developing an ability to stay calm in a storm 
  • Maximising your focus and energy 
  • Adapting and optimising your routine 
2:15 Afternoon Break 
Session 4: 2:30 – 4:00 
INFLUENCE - Make a bigger impact 
  • Developing executive presence 
  • Creating your dream team 
  • Lead with care and compassion 
4:00 End of Workshop