• Supporting and mentoring diverse leaders in your organisation 
  • Building a culture of acceptance and inclusion 
  • Using diversity of thought to drive innovation and accomplish business goals 
  • Strategies to support diverse leaders and to develop a culturally intelligent organization  


  • Understanding how to be an effective leader in a disruptive business climate 
  • Being present and flexible with your team to take the appropriate actions quickly 
  • Obtain collaborative leadership skills through emotional intelligence 


In this high impact interactive session learn how organisations and leaders can adapt in today’s disruptive business climate, learning to focus on the transition and embrace the journey. 



  • Improve your team’s time management skills to increase efficiency and productivity  
  • Learn how to select and prioritise the tasks that will add the most value 
  • Maximize the minutes in your working day whilst setting realistic and achievable goals 


  • Becoming a leader of leaders: encouraging others to maximise their potential 
  • How to overcome barriers both on the road to leadership and after you’ve arrived 
  • Being a courageous and strategic leader 
  • Demonstrate accountability and demand it in others 




Round Table I: Unleash Your Global Potential: Developing Cultural Intelligence in the Workplace 
Keng Keng Tan, Founder, Managing Director, TransCultural Group 
Round Table II: Driving Diversity on Boards   
Preeti Dubey, Founder and Director, Strive High 
Round Table III: Going for Gold at Every Level  
Adelene Wee, Director Of Partnerships and Communications, HCSA, Former Singaporean Bowling Champion 
Round Table IV: Perform With Confidence in a High Pressure Environment 
Diana The, Director of Business Operations and Strategy, Asia, AON 



  • Waking up to the reality of burnout and how to recognise signs in yourself and others  
  • Replacing perfectionism with progress  
  • Practical strategies to adapt to the various pressures inside and outside of the office and how to improve personal resilience and mental wellness 


  • Reforming roles to enable flexible working and encouraging uptake across all levels and genders 
  • Challenging traditional views of what a successful leadership team should look like and embedding commitment to change with business leaders 
  • Pro-actively support and develop rising women 
  • Effectively demonstrate beneficial impact to culture and business objectives 







This session will focus on the importance of diversity, how companies can increase their focus on D&I and addressing whose role it is within the organisation to drive these initiatives 


(Room splits into two:) 
  • Are diversity quotas necessary for achieving equality? 
  • Assessing if quotas are essential for overcoming bias in recruitment processes  
  • Successfully collecting and analysing relevant data from hiring processes 
  • Addressing potential stigma and possible reduced employee engagement  


  • Driving synergy of technology with human efforts to optimize accuracy productivity and profitability 
  • Overcoming challenges associated with the integration of technology with human efforts  
  • Future of roles in the workplace and how to proactively reskill employees now 



  • Assessing benefits and challenges of remote working 
  • Shifting organisational behaviour and thinking around flexible working 
  • Flexi-work initiatives to drive employee engagement, retention and productivity  


  • Understand what motivates men to become allies and strategies for identifying and increasing males advocates in the workplace 
  • Giving male colleagues a specific and meaningful role in gender diversity efforts 
  • Learn how to prove, with tangible results, that the ‘All hands-on desk’ approach will enable gender equality faster and drives a more positive, productive and profitable workplace  


  • Developing your leadership skills to the fullest 
  • Strategies to thrive in male dominated industries and assist other women through the ranks 
  • Assessing the benefits of male advocacy and sponsorship programs  



Mentors Workshop 
  • Establishing a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship 
  • Developing mentoring initiatives in your organisation 
  • Sharing best practices 
Mentees Workshop 
  • Strategies for starting and maintaining an effective mentoring partnership 
  • How to find the right mentor 
  • The different types of mentoring 
  • Outlining development goals



Charismatic Leadership 

Karolina is a high-energy and performance-driven leadership expert. She empowers leaders to overcome their fears and uncertainty, maximise performance and become more influential so that they can unleash the best in themselves and their teams.  
Karolina designs and facilitates effective learning experiences that are interactive, practical and fun. She is well known for her engaging speaking style, great energy and passion for helping others unleash their inner SHINE™ so that they can achieve remarkable results and unleash their full leadership potential. 

Step Into Your Power: Become Confident, Courageous and Charismatic Leader 

Imagine how would you feel if you could boost your confidence, courage and charisma to the next level.  
What opportunities would open up for you if you developed a powerful presence and an ability to own the room when expressing your ideas?  
What could you achieve if you mastered the skills of influencing others and making a positive impact?  
Are you interested in moving closer to this vision? If your answer is ‘YES’, do not miss this value packed session.  
After completing this session, you will be equipped with practical tools and strategies to sharpen your leadership capabilities and deal with current and future leadership challenges. You will become more intentional, focused and effective as a leader. And as a result, you will be ready for fast tracking your career and becoming the leader others want to follow.  

Key Learning Objectives 
  • Mute your inner critic and start feeling comfortable in your own skin 
  • Build your confidence, credibility and executive presence 
  • Understand your dominating patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour to become more composed and grounded as a leader 
  • Influence key decision makers in your organization to get buy-in for your vision and ideas 
  • Earn trust and build successful relationships with your team, customers and superiors to achieve challenging goals and drive a positive change in your organization 
  • Keep composure under pressure, uncertainty or discomfort

Workshop Programme 

8:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee 

Session 1: 9:00 – 10:30 
SELF – Leadership starts with you 
  • The hidden power of your story 
  • Which voices are you listening to? 
  • How to empower yourself before empowering others 
10:30 Morning Break 

Session 2: 11:00 – 12:30 
HERO – Unleash your inner potential as a leader 
  • What stops you on your way: identify your stumbling blocks 
  • Difference between reacting and responding to challenges 
  • Discover instant confidence boosters 
12:30 Networking Lunch 

Session 3: 1:30 – 3:00 
INFLUENCE – Make a bigger impact 
  • Develop your executive presence and charisma 
  • Proven techniques to influence others without authority 
  • How to build stronger relationships and collaborate with others effectively 
3:00 Afternoon Break 

Session 4: 3:30 – 5:00 
NETWORK – Growing as a leader by helping others grow 
  • Understand the role of your network 
  • Why do you need a dream team and how to find one 
  • Implementing your learning back into the workplace 
17:00 End of Workshop